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    Water treatment system

    Sewage treatment engineering is an important infrastructure factor of urban modernization. Recently, the government has focused efforts on sewage treatment, water utilization (hydro power generation), regeneration, drainage planning and controlling water resource development. Due to the government’s need to cooperate with local companies to carry out many improvement projects and observe resource sustainability, Tatung endeavors to actively bid on sewage treatment projects and has a history of successful performance.


    Xinzhuang pumping station-pump installation project and auxiliary equipment trun-key projects

    The main functions of Xinzhuang pumping station are to collect the disposal of household sewage of Xindan River and Dahan River basin of Banqiao, Zhonghe, Yonghe and Xindian areas, and intercept sewage of Jhonghe, Jhongyuan, Wa, Yonghe, Tucheng, Xinhai, Huajiang, Nanzigou areas. Xinzhuang pump station is a relay station where lifts 15.5 meters of the upstream sewage and transfer to the Shihzihtou pumping station.

    Main equipment and units:
    -Mechanical trash rack (bar screen): 2units W= 3.6m,H=10.2m
    -Sewage pump:3units Q= 4.33C MS× 15.5m,1unit Q=4.33CMS×29m
    -Inverter:2units F= 18Hz~60Hz
    -Deodorization equipment:1set
    -Lock gate: 7units
    -Crane truck:2units
    -Exhaust fan:15sets
    -Emergency generator:2units 1500kWx0.44kV


    We are adept in the installation and maintenance of sewage treatment pumps and systems. Our professional team can carry out planned services to meet our client’s requirements.

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